*Ready Bonsai  
  * Bonsai Raw material
  * Under Training Bonsai
  * Compliment plants like mosses and grasses
  * Tools and accessories for Bonsai
  * Pots, Slates and Rocks  
  * Turn tables, Stands and Pedestals
  * Indoor and Outdoor
  * Flowering and Bamboos
  * Container Gardening
  * Rare and Exotics
  * Ferns and Fruits
  * Grasses and Heathers
  * Herbs and Orchids
  * Shrubs and Unusual plants
  * Aquatic and perennials.
  * Exclusive result oriented bonsai soil and organic manure  
  * Plants and Bonsai on Rental basis for offices / homes
  * Gift a plant on occasion
  * Bonsai Consultation, Designing and Execution of Garden  
  * Maintenance of Garden and Plants
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