How this art touches your life:
Complete de-stressor.
Beautifier adding tranquility.
Keeps one mentally and physically fit
Inculcates patience
Builds efficiency.
You just need a little bit of:
Love for the Art
Artistic inclination
Spirit of nurturing as it is a living art.
Love for the Environment
Individually or in Group
Bonsai Education
Basic course
Advance and Crash Course
Learn throughout the year by Ruppa and Sujay and in special workshop by International Bonsai Masters
Get your bonsai designed or redesigned
Yearly maintenance or one time maintenance of your bonsai by shaping, cutting, wiring, repotting, etc
Maintenance of Garden and Plants
Groups from corporate, institutions, colleges and schools are invited for a 1 day tour to experience the natural surroundings with prior booking.
  During the tour demo / talk or workshop can be organized on related subject of plants.
Demonstrations and workshops for..
Group of students
Executives or Public program
Boarding of plants and bonsai
Products & Services Master the Art
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